UEGW Ultrasound Learning Centre
24. - 28 Octobre Barcelona / Spain

The Ultrasound Learning Centre promotes the role of a major diagnostic and interventional tool in gastroenterology: Clinical ultrasonography in the hands of the gastroenterologist. The Ultrasound Learning Centre offers individual hands-on training, lectures in abdominal
ultrasonography a basic and a postgraduate course on ultrasonography for the gastroenterologist, which are designed for both the beginner and the experienced,
offering a mixture of lectures and practical sessions by expert gastroenterologists.

Course directors
Dieter Nürnberg (Neuruppin, Germany)
Alina Popescu (Timisoara, Romania)
Klaus Schlottmann (Unna, Germany)

Faculty members
Odd Helge Gilja (Bergen, Norway)
Gabriele Hanenberg (Düren, Germany)
Christian Jenssen (Strausberg-Wriezen, Germany)
Horst Kinkel (Düren, Germany)
Thomas Müller (Reutlingen, Germany)
Maria Nürnberg (Neuruppin, Germany)
Kim Nylund (Bergen, Norway)
Adrian Saftoiu (Craiova, Romania)
Ioan Sporea (Timisoara, Romania)
Stefan Uebel (Hitachi Medical Systems)
Jonas Valentinas (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Lectures of further ULCs